Why is the touch screen off center?

How to Zoom in and out on a Spot Zero or Sea X Change system touch screen.

If the display is not zoomed in to 100% then it can appear to be off centered if zoomed in too much.  Or have a white boarder around the picture when zoomed out too far.  To correct this, follow these simple steps. 

First press and hold the display for about ten seconds until a hidden menu pops up.  Then select Zoom 100%.  

Below is an example of display zoomed in too much.  Notice that the start button is almost missing in the lower right hand corner. 

Feed Flow

The following picture shows a display that is zoomed out too far.  Notice the white boarder around the picture.

Product Overboard

Here is an example of how the display should appear when it is 100% zoom.

Feed Flow 2